Treble Clef mini earrings 3 (sterling silver)

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They say that minimalist accessories carry enormous power. With these earrings, you’ll witness first-hand their uncanny capacity to enhance any outfit.

Earrings with Treble Clef design, the universal symbol of music.

Made entirely of sterling silver, a quality and durable product.

They are of medium size, being well balanced in the lobe of the ear without protruding. Its originality lies in the fact that the Treble Clef is consolidated with a single continuous silver thread, as if it had been drawn by hand. In addition, the central spiral has one more vault, which gives them volume and elegance.

They come in a jewelry box equal to or similar to the one you'll find in the photos. A distinguished presentation to offer as a gift and also very useful to save and not lose when not in use.


  • Treble Clef: 12 x 5 mm
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