Silver Jewellery Cleaner

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This excellent Silver Jewellery Cleaner will surely revive the sparkle that may have been lost by your silverware. It is specially designed for cleaning small silver articles, particularly jewellery.

This product cleans silver in minutes. For those pieces blackened by the passage of time, chains difficult to clean, pieces with rhinestones, etc. They will look clean and sparkling like the first day.

The result seems miraculous, but it is real. In just 2 minutes, the submerged pieces will regain their original luster without the need for any effort.

Includes a bottle with 225 ml of cleaning product and a basket inside it, a brush and a polishing cloth.


  • Simply place your silver jewellery in the dipping basket, making sure it is immersed in the cleaning fluid.
  • Check your jewellery after two minutes and, if necessary, repeat the process until the items are clean. Do not leave items immersed for long periods.
  • When the jewellery is clean, rinse it in running water, then dry and polish it with a soft cloth for sparkling results.
  • Replace when the liquid becomes cloudy.
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